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Real Estate Isn't a Simple Process

You may think real estate transactions are just sellers and buyers exchanging money for keys. If only it were that simple. Owning, leasing, acquiring, and selling property entail complex legal maneuvering, depending on the situation.

Inheriting a Parcel of Property

The first step is to determine who is the title owner of the property. Once you have determined who is listed, the second step is to determine who are the rightful owners of the property. If the person who owned the property dies, the person will control. If there was no will, the Texas decedent and distribution laws would apply.

Depending on the condition of the estate, there are several mechanisms to transfer ownership of the property and place the title in the appropriate party's name. Attorney David Leon has substantial experience in real estate title issues and can assist you with the transfer of ownership.

A mortgage company foreclosing on inherited property is a fact-specific type of matter. If there was no administration of the estate and the foreclosure happened after the death of the borrower, the bank or mortgage company must follow specific procedures.

If the mortgage company did not follow appropriate procedures, an heir may be able to set aside the foreclosure.

Foreclosure Due to Property Taxes

If your house was foreclosed for property tax issues, there is a possibility you could still get your house back. There are redemption remedies available in certain types of foreclosures. These remedies are time-sensitive and require strict compliance with the laws in place.

An experienced real estate attorney can help you decide if you would qualify for these remedies. Set up a consultation to speak with an attorney at The Law Offices of David L. Leon PC.

Obtaining Commercial, Office, or Retail Space in Dallas

Typically, a commercial office lease or retail lease is the biggest startup expense of a company and one of the most important transactions your business will face. David Leon is experienced in negotiating and drafting commercial leases. In many instances, he can assist, through commercial real estate agency partnerships, in helping you locate a suitable retail or office space at no additional charge to you.

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Adding a Name to Your Home Title

To add a person to the title of your house, you need to obtain written permission from any finance company that has an interest in your house, as many mortgages have a due on sale clause. This means that you cannot change the title of your home without the finance company's written permission.

After you receive permission in writing, you can transfer ownership interest by using one of many types of deeds.

A deed is a recorded instrument that contains information about a parcel of property and information about the owners and transferences. The type of deed you should use depends on many factors. Our law firm has been helping people transfer property for years.

There are often cases, such as divorce, in which significant others decide to move out after couples have purchased a house. If the house is financed in both names, the person keeping the house will need to refinance the home to take the other person off the mortgage. This is typically accomplished with a settlement agreement and deed.

Property Investment options

If you’re interested in a real estate investment trust or 1031 exchange, The Law Offices of David L. Leon PC can help. There are several issues to consider in this matter. David Leon can go over your options and discuss concerns to put you on the right track for investing in real estate.

Seeking the correct entity in which to put an investment property depends on the type of property and its ultimate use. For example, the income-producing property is handled differently than a property that is mainly used for appreciation value.

Commercial Leases

Few documents are as important to a business as the commercial lease. If you are about to sign a commercial lease, consider having an attorney look over the document. The Law Offices of David L. Leon PC can draft, review, and negotiate your commercial lease agreements. We also assist with breach of commercial lease litigation matters, both plaintiff and defense. This also may include UCC filings and security instruments.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a legal matter attached to real estate, it may be necessary to seek someone who can simplify it and ensure you are protected. Contact David Leon to stake your interests in real estate. He has years of experience dealing with the Dallas real estate market and can provide you with strategies to maximize your next move. Set up a consultation with him today.

We Handle a Variety of Real Estate Issues

If you have a specific matter related to a property you are seeking to sell, own, lease, or invest in, get an experienced real estate lawyer. Dallas attorney David Leon is here to explain how you may be able to meet your goals through efficient methods.