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We assist clients in an array of legal matters. From business law and litigation matters like contracts and intellectual property to personal injury, immigration, estate planning and probate, and more, we help you in the areas you need it.

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Your situation, while it is unique, is not unfixable. With an experienced attorney who considers your interests ahead of their own, you’ll quickly understand nothing is beyond legal repair.

Attorney David Leon has practiced for more than 20 years in Texas. His firm, although it is small, provides a variety of services. If the Law Offices of David L. Leon, PC does not have the immediate resources, David probably knows someone who can help you reach your goal.

Understanding how you’ll run your business is a tall order. Understanding how to maneuver your business through matters of litigation or ways to expand your brand only serves to distract you. David cuts right to the point with legal technical support and advice that will not carve up your bottom line. A free initial consultation with David will help you decide if he has the answers your business needs to thrive in Texas and beyond.

Legal Acumen for Commercial Growth in Texas

Businesses need a space to grow. Our real estate experience has forged a network within Texas communities that can help you find suitable commercial space - including offices, warehouses, and land. We also assist with lease reviews and landlord negotiations.

We can tell you what you need to know about purchasing insurance for personal or business matters. We have helped Texans with life insurance policy planning, buying and selling insurance, long-term care planning, and supplemental policies.

Financial planning is just one more service we offer. This includes investment, retirement, and asset protection plans. We explain what you need to know about managing your money, long-term maintenance, and business succession plans. The best resolution is not the most expensive one. We promote your interest while protecting your bottom line.

A Closer Look at The Term "Fiduciary"
David L. Leon


A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care one can owe to another. The fiduciary relationship is one of trust and confidence.

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Letters Testamentary in Texas
David L. Leon


Letters Testamentary are letters issued by a probate court stating that a person has the ability to act on behalf of a deceased person’s estate. The letters are typically issued pursuant to the person’s last will.

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What Are the Different Types of Felonies and Punishments in Texas?
David L. Leon


Absent extenuating circumstances, the “ordinary” felony punishments are listed below, as set forth in the Texas Penal Code. Felonies are broken down from capital felonies (most severe, to degrees (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and then state jail felonies (least severe).

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International Contract Terms Defined: FOB, FAS, CIF, and C&F
David L. Leon


International contracts typically contain shorthand terms (Incoterms) describing when the risk of loss transfers from a seller to a buyer. The most commonly used Incoterms are listed below:

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